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On December 6, the joint management committee meeting between NEFU and UOA (the University of Auckland), was held online in Conference Room 609 of Aulin College. Members of the NEFU Standing Committee, Vice President Zhai Xuefeng, Professor John Hosking, the Dean of Science Department of UOA, and heads of relevant departments from both universities, including Academic Affairs Office and International Cooperation Office, attended the meeting.

On behalf of the International Cooperation Office, Sun Zhiping, the Director of the Office of International Cooperation, thanked the Science Department and the International Cooperation Department of UOA for their promotion of the exchange and cooperation between the two universities, and especially for their support to the development and construction of Aulin College. With the cooperation of both sides, Aulin College has overcome the adverse impact of the pandemic and achieved remarkable results in education, which has been widely recognized by the students' parents and society as a whole. The two sides have continuously innovated the cooperation model and established the Overseas Study Center and the Joint Research Institute, providing a new platform for high-level international talent training and international research cooperation. The International Cooperation Office will, as always, support the exchange and cooperation between the two universities and help to take it to the next level.

Ainslie Moore, the Acting Director of International Cooperation Office of UOA, expressed her gratitude for the support of Aulin College during the partnership. This year, UOA has welcomed the first batch of Aulin graduate students, and early next year, the first batch of 2019 undergraduates who accepted the “3+2” training mode will also study at UOA, which is the result of the joint efforts of both sides. We look forward to seeing more NEFU students studying at UOA and realizing their dreams with the cooperation platform.

On behalf of the two universities, Dean Liu Zhiming and Vice Dean Zhao Lihua of Aulin College and Professor Sebastian Link, Vice Dean of Science Department of UOA, reported to the Joint Management Committee on cooperative education this year. Liu Zhiming gave a detailed introduction on the admission of undergraduate and master's students of Aulin College, the talent training, the conversion rate of students studying abroad in the class of 2019 who accept the “3+2” training mode, the work of Aulin Joint Research Institute and the key work of next year.

Zhao Lihua introduced the teaching situation of Aulin college in the past year. She said that after three years of in-depth cooperation, the teaching staff of both sides were increasingly stable and cooperative, and teaching was carried out in an orderly manner, and she expected that teachers could make in-person communication next year.

Professor Sebastian Link thanked NEFU for our great efforts to increase the conversion rate of students studying abroad, focusing on the service support provided by UOA, and welcomed NEFU faculty to visit them for exchanges.

Vice President Zhai Xuefeng, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee, and Dean John Hosking, made concluding remarks on behalf of the two sides. Zhai Xuefeng said that the university attaches great importance to the cooperation with UOA, and with the joint efforts of both sides, the “3+2” training mode of Aulin College had made a good start, and nearly 150 Aulin students would study at UOA this year. He hoped that both sides would be prepared for the academic arrangement of students, as well as the training courses for teachers. John Hosking, expressed his gratitude for the hard work of colleagues of both sides, making it possible for NEFU students to integrate smoothly into study life in UOA. The two universities have experienced the test of the pandemic, our friendship has been deepened and the partnership continues to advance, and he hoped to see all colleagues in person next year.

The meeting formed a consensus on the development path of students in the “3+2” training mode, the construction of international joint laboratories, the joint training of doctoral students and international academic conference arrangement in 2023, which will play a positive role in promoting the future development of Aulin College. Aulin College will continue to focus on education quality, strengthen curriculum integration, deepen cooperation between two sides, promote academic exchanges among teachers, continuously improve the quality of talent training, enhance the influence, build the brand, and contributes the “double first-class” construction of NEFU.

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