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On December 15th, the award ceremony for the 31st Times Young Creative Awards was held at Luhu Waterfront Theater in Chengdu. The NEFU entry Let Love Be Responsive won a first prize in Public Service Advertising Design Award in the poster design of Want Want Group.

The Times Young Creative Awards, guided by China Education Association for International Exchange and China Advertising Association of Commerce and sponsored by the China Times Group, was founded in 1992 and entered the mainland of China in 1998. As of 2022, it has been held for 31 consecutive years. It is the longest-standing award for youth creativity in the Chinese world, and known as the Oscars for youth creativity for its preciseness and authority. This year, more than 1,000 colleges and universities and nearly 750,000 young people from China, the United States, Britain, Australia, Canada, Italy, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and other countries participated in the competition, and 99,694 entries were received, of which only 175 won awards of different grades. In addition to the first prize, NEFU also won 22 outstanding awards.

Let Love Be Responsivewas directed by Huang Wei and Ren Limin, the advertising teachers of the College of Literature and Law, and was created by student Fang Xiaoxu. In the fast-paced era, young people tend to spend a lot of time dealing with work and different people, but forget to respond to their parents' concerns. The entry focuses on a touch panel display in high traffic areas, guiding pedestrians to click on the screen to start their interaction. It sets suspense by hiding the dialogue, guides the audience step by step into the often-ignored parts, and finally reveals the dialogue, appealing to people to care more about their parents.

In recent years, NEFU has gained great achievements in the Times Young Creative Awards. Up to now, we have won one golden calf prize, two silver calf prizes, three bronze calf prizes, and two first prizes and three second prizes in mainland of China.

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