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Brief Introduction

The program originally called “Forestry Machinery Application and Repairing” was founded in 1957, and it has since been renamed “Traffic and Transportation” after experiencing several modifications. The program aims to cultivate application-oriented talents in engineering technology and management, who can work in various levels of transportation management departments, enterprises and public institutions, and teaching and research units to engage in automotive technology application and management, transportation planning and design, transportation organization and scheduling, scientific research and technology development and teaching. Until September, 2016, the program has graduated more than 4,000 undergraduates, with nearly 240 undergraduate students currently enrolled. Since 2015, the program has been enrolling and cultivating students in the general category of “Traffic and Transportation”, in order to provide students with a better learning environment. In the past five years, the average Graduate Entrance Examination admission rate is 23.51%, and the average employment rate is 95.82%.


The program is a key undergraduate program of Heilongjiang’s“11th Five-Year Plan” and “12th Five Year Plan”, and the 2012 NEFU key construction program.

We offer a first-level discipline Ph.D. in traffic engineering, and have a post-doctoral research station. We also offer a Ph.D. and Master's degree in traffic transportation planning and management, and a master’s degree in logistics engineering.

We have a provincial experimental demonstration center, a university-level talent training model experimental area and a transportation innovation laboratory, and we fully support students to participate in the National Transportation Science and Technology Competition and many other events. Both the HarbinAutomotivePartsResearch & DevelopmentCenter and Heilongjiang Automotive Product Quality Supervision & Inspection Station are affiliated with this program.

WWe have six key courses at the university level and three online courses, and we have fully implemented the undergraduate tutorial system.

Students’ Prospect

Further Study Rate: 26.3%;

100% of the students who study further are enrolled in “985” and “211” colleges and universities such as Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Chang’an University, NorthwesternPolytechnicalUniversity and other institutions. And the average postgraduate recommendation rate is 15.8%.

Employment: The employment rate of the 2016 graduates is 100%, and the employment areas are mainly distributed in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, some of the provincial capital cities as well as the developed coastal areas. There were about 100 companies who came to our college for recruiting, and 80% of the employed students successfully signed employment contracts at that time.

The main employment companies are Deppon Logistics, Yuantong Express and other logistics companies, Shenzhen Huaguoshan Technology Co., Ltd., and Skyworth Group Co., Ltd., etc.

Specialists’ View

The construction of the traffic and transportation program of our university can be traced back to 1957, and now it has a long history and solid professional accumulation. After several generations of teachers and students’ inheriting and forging ahead, we have formed distinctive academic discipline advantage, and made outstanding achievements in teaching and research of transportation planning & management, road transportation & transportation safety, and automotive application & equipment. We have cultivated a large number of high-quality application-oriented talents in engineering, technical and management, who are competent at various levels of transport management departments, entrepreneur and public institutions and teaching and research institutions to do planning and design, transportation and scheduling, scientific research and technology development and teaching work. We have strong social influence, and have established a good reputation in the industry.

About the Specialist

Pei Yulong is a Ph.D., professor, doctoral supervisor, and is the Governmental Special Allowance of the State Council winner, the academic leader of traffic and transportation discipline of NortheastForestryUniversity, and the director of traffic research center. He has been engaged in the research field of traffic safety and management, traffic planning and design, and integrated transportation and hubs, etc. He has over 20 technology research projects at the national, provincial and ministerial levels. He is also the vice president of the Logistics and Transport Research Association of China Communications and Transportation Association, and the director of the China Highway and Transportation Society.

Students’ View

Traffic and Transportation is a very promising program, especially in the background of national implementation of “the Belt and Road Initiatives” and the development of a large transportation strategy. Learning the fundamental principles and knowledge of traffic and transportation, and mastering the adequate methods of transportation safety, management and planning, graduates can deal with various traffic problems skillfully with the traffic system design and simulation software, so that they can provide a safer, faster, comfortable, and more economical transport network. The Traffic and Transportation Program is also closely related to modern social life. Urban construction and commodity circulation are inseparable from the traffic, and modern life cannot be separated from the traffic planning and management. As long as the graduates have solid professional knowledge, they can be fully competent for engineering and technical work, develop well in the design and management work in enterprises and institutions, and do well in the transportation planning, traffic network design, and traffic safety management system development, etc.

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