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Brief Introduction

Approved by the Ministry of Education in October 2000, the program of Polymer Materials and Engineering was ranked one of the provincial key programs in 2011, and one key constructive program of NEFU in 2013. It aims to cultivate senior technique talents with advanced scientific and technical skills to meet the needs of the improvement of industrial technology and people’s living standards, which must have excellent ideological quality, scientific quality, humanistic quality and basic theory and professional knowledge. It also aims to increase students’ self-teaching abilities, innovative abilities, and practical abilities, coordinating abilities as well as patriotic dedication, integrity and pragmatic, physical and mental health. After graduation, students can be engaged in scientific research, technology development, process design, production and management in the design, synthesis, modification and application of polymer materials.


As one of the programs with great characteristics in Northeast Forestry University, Polymer Materials and Engineering does not only take responsibility of the research and exploration of new polymer materials, but also support Forestry Engineering, the national key program, to be responsible for the development and utilization of Biomass Natural Polymer resources.

The discipline Biomaterials Engineering has the right to grant doctor and master degree. It is the second-level discipline researching on wood adhesive, biomass and its composites and artificial board combining with the development of natural and synthetic polymer materials. With many years’ construction, it has established the research direction about processing and utilization of adhesive and biomass materials biological composites synthetic and natural polymers. Two characteristics are the processing and utilization of biomass materials and wood adhesive, whose research, development and application play the leading role in our country.

With the people-oriented principle, education is for all-round development, to strengthen students’ ideological and professional knowledge and to cultivate the talents with high quality, high level, and comprehensive ability. We make full use of the characteristics of the program and take advantage of the abundant scientific research achievements collecting the university and enterprises to establish the internship bases. With the International Engineering Education Accreditation, we try to take a major step.

All teachers have Doctor Degree; among them 72.7% are associate professors or professors. The program insists on the innovative training system that is to teach, to experiment, to explore and to study. Tutorial system is carried out among all undergraduates as soon as they enroll.  The program focuses on strengthening practical teaching, improving students’ innovative ability, broadening the employment channels. Up to 80% or more undergraduate students participate in innovation and entrepreneurship training program.

Students’ Prospect

The program cultivates the students to meet the demand of traditional and new industry like plastics, rubber, fiber, adhesives, coatings, composite materials and functional materials. The characteristic research is on “biomass and its composite materials” which is one of the important directions in the development of material science, owning broad application prospects and strong competitive ability in students’ further study and employment.

  1. In 2016, 10% graduates were recommended to be postgraduates in “985” universities, such as Tongji University, University of Science and Technology of China, Sichuan University, Dalian University of Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology.

  2. In 2016, 20% graduates passed entrance examination of postgraduates in “985” or “211” like, Harbin Institute of Technology, Dalian University of Technology, Beijing Institute of Technology, Harbin Engineering University, etc.

  3. In 2016, graduate employment rate was 88.33%, the employment area covers Beijing, Tianjin and the provincial capitals and rich coastal cities. They mainly work in enterprises like Chambroad Holding, BOE, BYD, China State Construction Engineering Corporation, OPPEIN, Midea, FOXCONN, etc.

  4. In summary, in 2016, 30% graduates continued study, and all enrolled in “985” other than NEFU. 88.33% graduates obtained jobs, in addition to this school, are “985” colleges; the total employment rate was 88.33%, working in some domestic well-known enterprises including some of world’s top 500 enterprises.

Specialists’ View

Owing broad application prospects in the future, polymer materials are being developed to high performance, high functionality, and high intelligence, low pollution, low cost, which gradually penetrate into some new high technology fields, such as aerospace, modern communication, new energy, electronic engineering, biological engineering, medical and health, environmental protection. The program meets the social demand for talents of polymer materials and engineering, training senior compound professionals in polymer material design, synthesis and modification, processing and engaging in scientific research, development, design, production and management. Compared with other domestic program in the same field, the program aims to cultivate students’ innovative consciousness with individualized education. Innovation and entrepreneurship training programs encourages undergraduate students to attend various science and technology competitions.

About the Specialist

As a professor, Doctoral supervisor, Gu Jiyou is a well-known specialist of wood adhesive.  He has presided over a number of national scientific research projects, published more than 200 papers at home and abroad, won the 2nd Prize of the National Sci-Tech Advance Award.

Students’ View

Universities rely on teachers whose responsibilities are to teach, to answer questions and to solve problems. There are many charming teachers in this program, who have a wide knowledge, flexible teaching method, high level of scientific research. At the beginning of enrollment, each student will have a tutor responsible for his or her four-year college life, academic research and career planning. The teachers are the mentors before and after graduation that influence students by their words as well as their actions. Looking back the four years in Polymer Materials and Engineering, the students grow up and make a lot of friends. All students have spirit of working and striving and they can regard it as a performing stage to enrich life.

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