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Brief Introduction

Established in 1998, the program of Chemical Engineering and Technology currently has 239 students enrolled. It aims to cultivate innovative talents that can coordinate knowledge, ability, and quality, and who can adapt to science and technology, industrial technology development, and the increased living standards. It also aims to cultivate technical talents with a solid foundation of natural science, humanities and social science, chemical engineering, and technology. The program also works to cultivate senior specialized personnel, with abilities in practical engineering, innovation, self-development, comprehensive quality, adapting to the future of scientific and technological progress, and long lasting competitiveness. Through theoretical and practical teaching systems, the students develop a knowledge structure with expressive ability in chemical engineering and technology, and application ability on equipment design, development ability on process systems engineering and product engineering, and a lifelong learning ability. The students also develop the capability to solve the problems concerning scientific research and production in the relative fields of chemical engineering. The program accepts science students, who can reward Bachelor Degree of Chemical Engineering after four-year’s study.


1. The teaching staff have excellent academic performance, all having Ph.D. degrees.A high percentage of the teachers have spent time studying abroad, conducting a wide range of exchanges with famous international universities.

2.The program has Master’s Degree both in Applied Chemical Engineering and in Chemical Engineering.

3.The program focuses on the systemic training of theoretical study and practical application, with a complete course system of mathematics, physics, chemistry and professional cognition, practical training and simulation, and comprehensive production practice. The program also conducts exchange programs with universities in Japan, Finland, and Taiwan.

4.The degree program has implemented the co-cultivation model of undergraduate supervisor to provide holistic academic guidance.

5.The degree program pays attention to the cultivation of business plan and innovation ability, encouraging students participation in various programs and professional competitions, such as the “National College Students’ chemical design competition”, “Challenge Cup National College Students Competition”, etc.

Students’ Prospect

Graduates have chances to find jobs, to take the postgraduate entrance examination, or to go abroad. Graduates have high possibility and proportion of employment, and are highly adaptable to different types of employment. Almost half of graduates go on study for their Master’s Degree at universities such as Tsinghua University, Nanjing University, Wuhan University, Tianjin University, Dalian University of Technology, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, etc. Graduates with excellent academic performance have chances to study abroad.

Specialists’ View

Chemical Engineering and Technology is an engineering program which studies the common law of chemical processes and physical processes in which are useful in the chemical industry and other industrial processes, including oil refining industry, coal industry, metallurgical industry, construction materials industry, food industry, papermaking industry, etc. The program has two outstanding characteristics:

1. The program owns remarkable engineering characteristics, combining the knowledge of chemical reaction, unit operation of chemical engineering, chemical process and equipment, process system simulation and optimization which make the students have capability of design, optimization and management.

2. The program is wide-ranging, which encourages the students do scientific research and product development in field of fine chemicals, coatings and application, polymer chemistry and technology.

About the Specialist

Li Mei is a Ph.D. supervisor in Beijing University of Chemical Technology, the winner of “The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars”, “Chang Jiang Scholars Program” of the Ministry of Education, “National High-Level Personnel of Special Support Program (“People Plan”)” technological innovation leading talent and innovation team leader of the Ministry of Education, a candidate of “Supported by Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University” of the Ministry of Education, rewarding “Special Allowance of the State Council”, winner of “the National Labor Medal”, and a “3·8 Red Banner Pacesetter”.

Students’ View

Chemical Engineering and Technology is a program combining theoretical knowledge and practice, aims to establish the solid foundation of chemical engineering and to create the ability of scientific research and experimentation. Here a good knowledge structure could be mastered, and the ability to solve problems could be built. In the four undergraduate years, there are basic courses, like basic chemistry and chemical engineering principles and chemical engineering process; on campus, there are various chemical experiments, chemical cognition, practice and training; there are even internship opportunities at Yanshan Petrochemical. Many aspects of basic knowledge lead to ability to solve a problem by using a wide range of background knowledge. The program involves all fields of industry, with great social demands and a high employment rate. After graduation, choices are a many, such as going on to study for a Master’s Degree in China or abroad, or engaging in engineering design, technology development and scientific research in the fields of chemical industry, energy, light industry, medicine and environmental protection. The former graduates continued study in well-known “985” and “211” universities or universities abroad or work with a high salary in enterprise, companies and public institutions. Here, the wonder of life will be demonstrated, and the value of life will be achieved!


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