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The College of Engineering and Technology is characterized by engineering related teaching and research. We offer four-year Bachelor of Science degrees that are accredited by the Chinese National Ministry of Education with four undergraduate programs, namely Forestry Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Logistics Engineering, and Packaging Engineering. Graduate education is offered through research-focused PhD and Master of Science degrees in Forest Engineering and Management Science & Engineering. Additionally, we have one post-doctoral science and research station in Forestry Engineering. Students graduating from these programs are well prepared for universities, research institutes, and related industries, and are eligible to become professional engineers.

Today 70 faculty members, including engineers and forest scientists, support undergraduate and graduate education, research, and continuing education programs. We have more than 30 professional teaching laboratories and 16 off-campus training bases.

In addition to regular teaching and research, we offer extension and continuing education programs that support life-long learning. We offer Masters of Engineering (professional) degrees in Forestry Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Logistics Engineering and Project Management for full time students as well as employees in industries who can not attend the school on a regular basis.

The Journal of Forestry Engineering(in Chinese) is published by the Chinese National Ministry of Education and Chinese Forestry Engineering Society. The editorial office of the journal is under the charge of our College. International cooperation and communication has been a major part of our college. We have established long-term cooperation with academic institutes in more than 10 different countries.

We admit international students for MSc and PhD programs with funding support from the Chinese Government Scholarship Program.

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