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Formed by the merger of the departments of mathematics, physics and chemistry,the NEFU Normal College was established in 1991and was renamed the College of Science in 2003.The College of Science consists of three departments:the Department of Mathematics, the Department of Physics, and the Department of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering.The College of Science offers 6 undergraduate programs: "Mathematics and Applied Mathematics", "Information and Computer Science", "Physics", "Chemistry", "Chemical Engineering and Technology", and "Applied Chemistry."The College of Science has two first-level disciplines of Chemistry and Mathematics, under which there are 6 master’s degree programs of "Polymer Chemistry and Physics", "Biophysics", "Applied Mathematics", "Applied Chemistry", "Organic Chemistry", and "Probability and Mathematical Statistics", and 1 professional master’s degree program of Chemical Engineering.

The College of Science has many qualified professors who graduated from several different universities.At present, the college has 144 faculty, 110 of whom are full-time teachers, including 15 professors, 49 associate professors, 6 senior engineers, 4 doctoral supervisors, and 47 master’s tutors. 70 teachers hold their Ph.D., and 10 are currently studying for their Ph.D. accounting for 72.7% of the total.While the College of Science undertakes the teaching of the basic courses of mathematics, physics and chemistry for 54 of the 62 total undergraduate programs at NEFU in addition to the personnel training of 6 undergraduate programs and 7 master’s degree programs in this college, it has formed a "rigorous, realistic, dedicated and innovative" teaching style.The College of Science currently has 1479 students at school, including1324 undergraduates and 155 postgraduates.

The College of Science has made fruitful achievements in scientific research.During the "12th Five-year Plan" period, the college has undertaken 132 various research projectsincluding29 national projects, 22 provincial and ministerial projects, 24 projects of departments or bureaus and 57 NEFU projects, with a total funding of 15.374 million RMB.The college scholars have published 424 academic papers, of which 175 are indexed by SCI, and 64 by EI. The number of SCI indexed papers from the College of Science ranks among the top in the colleges or departments of NEFU.They have also won Heilongjiang Natural Science and Technology Awards, Heilongjiang Natural Science and Technology Achievement Awards,7 Awards for Teaching Excellence in Heilongjiang Higher Education and have been granted 34 domestic invention patents.

Under the Experimental Teaching Center in this college there are 2 experimental sub-centers and 1 laboratory:the Physical Experiment Teaching Sub-center, the Chemical Experiment Teaching Sub-center and the Mathematical Laboratory. From 2013-2015, a total of more than 30 million RMB was invested on the laboratories of the College of Science by NEFU, and the instruments and the experimental conditions of the Experimental Teaching Center are significantly improved.In each laboratory there are full-time teachers, lab technicians, and a complete system of teaching management.The Chemical Experiment Teaching Center is a demonstration center for Heilongjiang province.

The college has formed its special characteristics in student administration, adhering to the basic idea to "teach students to behave themselves, live and study better, and become talented and noble people," and implementing the working train of thought with ideological education as the main line, the strict management as the means, the construction of study style as the core, the vocational education as the emphasis, and the communist youth league work as the special feature.The college lays stress on the students' moral education, the cultivation of humanistic qualities and social responsibility, and the education of the spirit of "honesty, modesty, dependability and practicality."

Over many years, the college insists on giving full play to the advantages of the basic discipline group, supports the development of all the undergraduate programs and has made important contributions to the cultivation of talents at NEFU. It endeavors to be a first class college of science among the agricultural and forestry universities in China, become the teaching base for basic courses and the cultivation base for the comprehensive and creative talents at NEFU, with the basic course teaching and the interdisciplinary research as the special feature, the undergraduate education as the core, the teaching of basic courses as the focus, the disciplinary construction as the leader, serving the community as the task, and the cultivation of comprehensive and innovative talents as the goal of the college work.

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