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Brief Introduction

  • One National First Key Discipline, 2 National Second Key Disciplines

  • 1 Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education, 1 Key Laboratory of the State Forestry Administration, 1 Provincial Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center

  • The Wood Science and Engineering Program is in the Education and Training Program for Excellent Engineers of the Ministry of Education

  • The Chemical Industry of Forestry Products Major is the Trial Major of National “Education and Training Program for Excellent Agricultural and Forestry Expertise”

  • The Wood Science and Engineering Major and Chemical Industry of Forestry Products Major are National Special Major Construction Stations

  • Wood Scienceis a National Quality Course

  • Adhesives and Coatings, Wood Products Production Technology, Interior Decoration Engineering Construction Technologyare Provincial Quality Courses

  • The Teaching Team of Wood Science Series Courses is the National Teaching Team


The College of Material Science and Engineering is one of the best National colleges in the field of wood and forestry products. The College has a quality, powerful, and stable team which is passionate about their work. In addition, it also has teaching and researching platforms such as the Key Laboratory of the Ministry, the Key Laboratory of the State Forestry Administration, and the Provincial Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center. The academic echelon is complete and the structure is reasonable. Aiming at training senior professional talents combined with orientation spirit and creative ability, keeping the direction of academic frontier and social development, the College is working to establish an even higher-level college of international effect and to be a leader among the national peers in comprehensive abilities by taking the advantage of forestry engineering and characterized with Bio-materials Science and Processing. With the co-development of multi-disciplines, the College will develop further in scientific technology and culture, and expand in social service.


One academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering; 2 Yangtze river scholars Distinguished Professor; 2 “Millions of Talents Project” national candidates; 8 experts enjoying special government allowances of the State Council; 10 “New Century Talents” of the Ministry of Education; 1 national outstanding contribution expert; 1 national outstanding scientific and technological worker; 2 winners of the “National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation 100”; 1 China Youth Science and Technology Award; 5 winners of the Outstanding Young Scientists Fund of Heilongjiang Province; 2 “Longjiang Scholar” Distinguished professors; 1 provincial outstanding teacher.

There are 31 Professors, 41 Associate Professors or Vice-Senior Title, 37 lecturers, 1 teaching assistant; 23 Ph.D. Advisers; 79 Ph.D, and 31 Master’s Degree recipient.

International Exchanges

The College has established stable international links with academic counterparts in 15 countries and regions, such as the United States, Canada, Japan, UK, Germany, France, Finland, Russia, Australia, South Korea, Chinese Taipei etc.. There are more than 20 joint scientific research projects and 5 groups of international exchange students. The College has frequent international exchanges such as selecting excellent teachers to conduct international study, visit and joint research, hosting international experts to give speeches on campus and international well-known experts to be part-time professors.

Discipline Construction

The College has one National First Key Discipline--“forestry engineering”, two National Second Key Disciplines--“Wood Science and Engineering” and “Chemical Engineering of Forest Products” and a Provincial Key Course--” Biological Materials and Engineering”. Other disciplines include Biomass Composites, Design Art, and Pulp and Paper Engineering. These disciplines forge a multi-tier talent training mechanism and receive international exchange students. By meeting the needs of scientific development and practical production and keeping pace with the academic frontier, the College is trying to improve synergies from the various fields and finally form the advanced academic cluster characterized with “Wood Science and Engineering” and “Chemical Engineering of Forest Products” which is taking the advantage of forestry engineering.

Laboratory Construction

The College has one Provincial Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center—the Materials Science and Engineering Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center and several professional laboratories such as: “Chemical and Engineering Foundation” professional basic laboratory, “Wood Science and Engineering”, “Forest Chemistry and Engineering”, “Pulp and Paper Engineering”, “Materials Chemistry”, “Polymer Materials and Engineering”, “Product Design”. These laboratories are all equipped with sufficient facilities and have a strong capacity. To satisfy the needs of teaching and scientific research, the laboratories have established several teaching and internship bases with many domestic major enterprises.

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