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The College of Landscape Architecture was developed from the Teaching and Research Section of Landscape, which was founded in 1980. The college was officially established after being granted permission by the Ministry of Education in 1998. The College of Landscape Architecture is distinctive for its large scale, overall programs, and comprehensive strength among the similar domestic colleges. 

The College is composed of 3 undergraduate programs including Gardening, Landscape Architecture, and Environment Design, and 1 post-doctoral research station of Landscape Architecture. The discipline of Ornamental Plants and Horticulture and ClassⅠdiscipline of Landscape Architecture offer doctoral degrees, and the discipline of Landscape Architecture offers master’s degree. Ornamental-Plants and Horticulture andLandscape Architecture are national key disciplines and provincial key disciplines respectively, while Gardening and Landscape Architecture are provincial key programs.

Currently, there are 71 full-time faculty and staff in the College of Landscape Architecture, including 62 teachers, 6 professors, 31 associate professors and 22 lectures. More than 50 teaching and research programs have been finished or have been undertaken, including 5 programs which won provincial and ministerial awards, and 1 program that won second prize of national excellent teaching outcome. Among the 20 ongoing programs, there are National Natural Science Foundation of China programs, National Major Biotechnology Projects, Plan of National High Technology Development programs, “948” programs, and provincial and municipal science and technology and horizontal joint projects. The College of Landscape Architecture also has undertaken more than 40 landscape plans, designs, and social service programs. Various funding has reached over 15 million yuan. More than 170 articles have been published in Chinese core journals, achieving a good impact and extensive reputation in society.

The College of Landscape Architecture attaches great importance to the training of various practical skills. Training skills, such as design competitions, snow sculpture, flower arranging, ice sculpture, and embossing skills are regularly carried out. Students are organized to participate in national and international design competitions and snow sculpture competitions, and many have won important awards. These activities exert greater influence in the society, forming distinctive college characteristics.

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