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The College of Economics and Management is the earliest and largest college of NEFU, serving as the source of Forestry Economics and Management Discipline for China. In 1955, Professor Malyshev, an expert on forestry economy from the Soviet Union, started a postgraduate training session of forestry economy at NEFU, the first of its type in China. This marked the founding of the forestry economics and management discipline in China. In 1959, the Forestry Economy Program was started. In 1987, the College of Economics and Management was established. In 1981, the Discipline of Forestry Economics and Management was included into the first group that offered a master’s degree program. In 1992,

our discipline was rated as a key discipline by the Ministry of Forestry. Our college boasts a Postdoctoral Research Station of Agriculture and Forestry Economics and Management; a First-Level Doctoral Program of Agriculture and Forestry Economics and Management, covering Two Second-Level Doctoral Programs of Agriculture Economics and Management, Forestry Economics and Management; Four First-Level Master Programs of Business Administration, Management Science and Engineering, Applied Economics and Statistics, Covering 11 Academic Master Programs of Forestry Economics and Management, Accounting, Business Management, Statistics, Population Resources and Environmental Economics, Management Science and Engineering, Tourism Management, International Trade, Public Administration, Technology Economy and Management, Agriculture Economics and Management; 4 Professional Master’s Programs including Master’s of Agriculture, Master’s of Professional Accounting (MPACC), Master’s of Valuation (MV), Master’s of Finance (MF); 8 Bachelor degree Programs ranging from Agriculture and Forestry Economics and Management, Business Administration, Accounting, Statistics, International Economics and Trade, Public Service Administration, Marketing and Tourism Management. Our college has formed a complete system of the Economics and Management Discipline.

Our college is comprised of 8 departments, 11 teaching and research sections, an economic research center (base), reference room and experiment center. The total number of our faculty is 121. We have 98 full-time teachers, including 21 professors, 13 Ph.D. supervisors and 51 associate professors. 80 teachers have earned their Ph.D.s and 30 have studied abroad, forming a prominent group of faculty with appropriate professional title and educational background structures, solidarity, cooperation, and outstanding quality. We have 3,284 full-time students, 2,424 undergraduates, 728 postgraduates for master’s degree (including 420 for professional master’s degree) and 132 postgraduates studying for their Ph.D. During the period of Twelfth Five-Year Plan, our college has undertaken 281 research projects from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National Social Science Foundation of China, the National Soft Science Research Project, the Doctoral Fund of the Ministry of Education, the Humanities and Social Sciences Project of the Ministry of Education, and International Cooperative Projects, including 8 National Natural Science Foundation, and 4 National Social Science Foundation, with research funding totaling 9,451,500 yuan. We have been conferred 42 provincial and ministerial-level awards such as Outstanding Achievement Award of Heilongjiang Philosophy and Social Science, Science and Technology Progress Award of Heilongjiang, including 5 first prizes, and 11 second prizes. Our faculty have published 35 treatises (translation); 569 academic papers on CSSCI journals; 9 research reports and 12 policy-making consulting reports ordered by provincial government officials or adopted by government departments.

Our college stresses the strengthening of relations with all segments of the society as well as the advancement of all-dimensional and multi-channel international academic exchange and collaboration. We have established friendly and cooperative relationship with a group of universities of fourteen countries including the United States, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Finland and Italy etc. In addition, we have kept close relations with enterprises, government departments and other institutions; we publish two national magazines,Forestry Economics of ChinaandGreen Finance and Accounting; we have set up two academic organizations, Research Society of Forest Business Management of Chinese Forest Economic Association and Heilongjiang Provincial Forest Economic Association.

Our college will continue to carry forward NEFU’s spirit of “unity and struggle, self-motivation, giving full play to superiority and striving for best”, sticking to the principle of preciseness, learning, dedication and practice so as to develop College of Economics and Management into a research and teaching college that will take the lead among the universities of the same type in China in terms of comprehensive strength and have an international impact in 2032 by means of maintaining and diversifying characteristics of program, giving top priority to discipline construction, regarding talent cultivation as the core, laying emphasis on faculty construction and depending on advanced facilities.

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