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The College of Wildlife Resources (CWR),Northeast Forestry University,which was founded in 1960, is the first Chinese school of higher education in wildlife conservation and utilization. Ever since her foundation, there have been more than 5000 students who have graduated from the CWR and are now playing important roles in governmental departments of wildlife conservation and management, customs, Entry and Exit Inspection and Quarantine, universities, research institutes, zoos, natural reserves, wildlife breeding and trading enterprises. The CWR has built strong cooperative relationships with more than 50 universities of 20 countries. The CWR currently has

Four departments

Department of Wildlife Conservation and Management

Department of Wildlife Industry

Department of Wildlife Medicine

Department of Wetland Science

One National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center

Four undergraduate programs

Wildlife and Natural Reserve Management

Animal Science

Veterinary Medicine

Wetland Science

Seven disciplines awarding academic master's degrees

Wildlife Conservation and Utilization

Natural Reserve Management

Special Economic Animal Cultivation




Animal Genetics and Breeding

Two disciplines awarding professional master's degrees

Animal Breeding

Veterinary Medicine

Three disciplines awarding Ph.D. degrees

Wildlife Conservation and Utilization (a State Key Discipline)

Natural Reserve Management


Twelve research and training centers and key laboratories

China State Forestry Administration Feline Research Center

China State Forestry Administration Detecting Center of Wildlife

China State Forestry Administration Research Center of Engineering Technology for Wildlife Conservation and Utilization

China State Forestry Administration Key Laboratory for Wildlife Conservation

NEFU Center of Conservation Medicine & Ecological Safety

NEFU Research Center for Air field Bird Strike Prevention

State Key Virtual Simulation Experiment Training Center For Wildlife Sciences

National Training Center for Wildlife Conservation and Management

Continuing Education Center for Zoological Parks

Heilongjiang Zoological Society

Breeding Committee of Chinese Wildlife Conservation Association

Editorial Office of the Journal of Chinese Wildlife

Eighty two faculty and staff, including

23 professors and 33associate professors

One professor elected to the Chinese Academy of Engineering

Five faculty selected by the Ministry of Education of China for the Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University

One professor conferred the title of National Star Teacher for Teaching

One professor conferred the title of National Excellent Teachers

Three professors titled Provincial Star Teachers for Teaching of Heilongjiang

Four faculty elected to the National Excellent Worker for Science and Technology

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