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Zhang Zhikun (1963.12-), a Communist Party of China (CPC) member, was born in Jilin Province. He graduated from the Department of CPC History, Renmin University of China, in 1985.

He is a standing committee member of the NEFU CPC Committee and Secretary of the NEFU CPC Committee.

He first served as Office Director of the Young League Committee, Renmin University of China. He then moved to be an officer and inspector in the third Section of the Inspection Bureau of the State Education Commission, Deputy Director in the third Office of Discipline Supervision and Investigation, Assistant Investigator and Deputy Office Director of the Adult Education Department of the State Education Commission. He was also Deputy Director in the Moral Education Office, and Director in the Adult Education Office of the Vocational Adult Education Department under the Ministry of Education. Later he worked as Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee and Secretary of the Committee for Discipline Inspection in China Pharmaceutical University and then in China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing). He has been working as Secretary of the NEFU CPC Committee since April, 2017.

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