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On the afternoon of April 19th, the 32nd Annual Times Golden Calf Award Global Campus Creative Sharing Meeting was held at NEFU. The theme of this year’s Award is “The Only Goal”. Nearly 600 teachers and students from more than 10 colleges and universities in Heilongjiang province attended the event, and 13,000 people followed it online.

Zhu Wenyu, Dean of School of Humanities and Law, delivered a speech. She praised the role the Golden Calf Award has played in education over the years. Xiao Jianhua, Deputy General Manager of Wangwang Time Culture Media Co., LTD, expressed his gratitude to our university for its careful planning of this event. Zhou Zhi, Deputy General Manager of Wangwang Time Culture Media Co., LTD, who is also in charge of the Times Golden Calves Award in Mainland China, presented the letter of appreciation to our university. Fan Wanbo, Director of Harbin Taiwan Affairs Office, and Xu Shunping, Secretary General of Harbin Taiwan-Funded Enterprises Association, presented the letter of appointment to the teachers in charge of the contest promotion in colleges and universities in Heilongjiang.

Cao Dan, a jury member of the Times Golden Calf Award and a senior creative director, held a two-hour creative sharing time with students from various universities. In a humorous way, Ms. Cao Dan gave a lecture on creative methods, insights into life, industry trends, practical teaching and training and other aspects, combined with excellent advertising cases. In the question-and-answer session, students actively asked questions and Ms. Cao answered them one by one.

The Times Golden Calf Award was founded in 1992 and introduced to mainland China in 1998. It has been held for 32 consecutive years and has helped train more than 10 million students entering related fields. It is praised by the industry as the “Oscar” for youth creativity, due to the high value of the award-winning works, the rigorous evaluation process, and its professional authority. This is the 11th year for NEFU to participate in the Times Golden Calf Award. In recent years, our university has been organizing the creative sharing meeting of Heilongjiang province. The Golden Calf Award competition has become one of the important practical activities for NEFU students majoring in advertising.

The Times Golden Calf Award excellent works exhibition was held simultaneously in NEFU.

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